A Constructed Life

How to do everything in 3 months

Have 4-year-old daughter complete pre-kindergarten. Check. IMG_4788

Cheer on Joey as he finished his first half marathon and gratefully say goodbye to his 3-hour Saturday morning training runs. IMG_4815

Hit up a water park and make sure children don’t drown. Check. IMG_4844 IMG_4862 IMG_4865Both kids loved it, but this isn’t Crosby’s year for the water. Addy fearlessly zipped down slides 10 times bigger than those seen here.


Attempt to enjoy a 3-night family camping trip that came complete with ginormous raccoons and hardly any sleeping. Make it an annual tradition. Check.

IMG_4921 IMG_4941 IMG_4946


Off to the family cabin to cram 6 adults and 4 kids, ages 4 and under, into a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom house. Opt to borrow a pop up camper for my brood instead and have a blast. Check.

IMG_5127 IMG_5142 IMG_5161


Strawberries and insane amounts of strawberry jam. Check. (I did not take the awesome photos. I took the kinda crappy ones.)

Addy Strawb Farm Crosby Strawb Farm 4 IMG_4889 IMG_4909


And there has been so much more. It’s been an awesome, bursting-with-fun kind of summer so far.  So glad it’s not over yet!


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