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Life jackets are the new black.

Summer has finally shown itself, and I’ve been going through all our summer-related gear to make sure we’re prepared for any and all warm-weather fun. On our list already is a water park, camping and trips to the family cabin.

First up is the water park. Since the kids are little, they’re required to wear life jackets, even in the little kid section of the park where the water is only 2 feet deep. So I busted out Addy’s toddler life jacket and the baby life jacket we had to see if they still fit.


This is Addy’s new “Smile! You’re in a picture!” face. I love how Crosby is looking at her, all “This chick is coo-coo bananas.” And indeed she is, but we love her for it. Turns out the life jackets didn’t fit. I passed Addy’s on to Crosby and picked her up a new one at Target, my home away from home.

And they have not taken their life jackets off since.


They wear them prancing around the yard.



I told them to do The Life Jacket Dance and apparently this is what that looks like.


According to Addy, they’re “the best” for when one is building with Legos. It looks like the life jacket is eating her head in this picture.

It reminds me of what she looked like on her very first boat ride, in her very first life jacket.

Awesome, isn’t it? One of my all-time favorite photos.

Yes. Nothing says summer like the life jacket.


And see what I mean about Addy’s new picture face? I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of this look.


2 thoughts on “Life jackets are the new black.

  1. Cheri

    Hilarious! You should mention that the life jacket she is wearing as a baby was actually purchased for a baby boy. Whoops! That was such a fun day though! I do believe her swim diaper leaked pee all over me, didn’t it? I will remind her of that when she’s a teenager.

  2. Kelly J. R.

    Ah, if only she knew these photos will come back to haunt her on her wedding day. Priceless.

    PS – why doesn’t someone invent a jacket that doesn’t “eat faces”? Still happens to me and I’m 32!

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