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The ticking time bomb stage of pregnancy

That’s where I’m at, with my due date (Friday the 28th) just days away.

It’s the stage where strangers try to stay out of your way, family members are on pins and needles and coworkers appear in your doorway every day to see if you’ve shown up. Or, if they’re my coworkers, they also set up a calendar outside your office and take bets on what day you’ll go into labor. It’s actually made things rather amusing.

Back to pajamas! Really unflattering ones, too. I swear I used to have an ass, but it’s vanished. P.S. If my stomach dropped any lower, it would be at my knees.

If you’re the so-called time bomb, these last days of pregnancy are rather tortuous. I go to sleep every night wondering if I’ll wake up in labor. Each morning, as I head into work, I pray that my water won’t break while I’m there (and I have towels in my car, along with a hospital bag, in case it does). There is a silver lining though. Each day that I remain pregnant, I’m able to get a few more things accomplished, whether it’s around the house or at my job.

I left the office on Friday night certain I wouldn’t be heading back in on Monday. But Monday is just hours away and I remain super pregnant. Since this is my second child, I’m aware that due dates are just estimates and a partially dilated cervix means little. However, when a doctor even hints, just a little, that your body is definitely getting ready to have a baby, all a pregnant woman hears is Baby. Coming. and instantly transitions into “I will have this child at any second.” At least that’s how I reacted.

I am grateful to have had one more weekend to soak up the awesomeness of my daughter and to relax and sleep more than life with a toddler and newborn will allow. I managed to squeeze in a crying fit, too, tears streaming down my cheeks as I sobbed about missing my daughter and briefly drowned in guilt over her having to share my attention and affection. After that episode, I thought for sure that this kid was coming. Nope.

Now, I just feel ready. Ready because I can barely move, sit or sleep. Ready because it has been 9 months of anticipating and preparing. And ready because I know everything will be okay. And because I am truly anxious to have my son in my arms and to watch us become a new family all over again.

As always, you all have been fantastic and supportive the whole way through this, reassuring me and reading on as I over-agonized and worried. Thank you. And I can’t wait to share this new journey with you. Like really, really cannot wait. As in I wish the journey would begin tonight. Or in five minutes.

2 thoughts on “The ticking time bomb stage of pregnancy

  1. Sheryl

    Don’t they say pedicures induce labor? Go get one of those:) You look great….sorry you have to uffer the anticipation! Maybe your baby wants to be exactly on his due date to show you how punctual he is!

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