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38 weeks large


See that look on my face? That’s an expression of mild shock and awe at just how big my belly is getting…and a hint of disbelief that it’s going to keep growing for 2 more weeks. I am literally down to a handful of maternity tops that still fit and my swelling feet can only be crammed into 2 pairs of shoes. Ah, the lovely last days of pregnancy!

I am getting really tired now, but sleeping comfortably is not any option anymore, which is sad and ironic because these are my last days to attempt sleeping before it vanishes for 2-3 months.

While I was certain The Boy had already dropped about a week ago, after some poking and prodding my doctor assured me that he had not. Seeing that I already feel as if he’s about to fall out, I have a feeling that when he does drop, labor won’t be too far behind.

This weekend will be devoted to packing hospital bags, digging out the rest of the newborn goodies in the attic and trying to relax in between.

Knowing that this is probably my last pregnancy, I keep telling myself Remember this. Don’t wish it away. Remember these days as a threesome. Remember what it feels like to carry around a life inside your body and feel it moving. I’m trying.

5 thoughts on “38 weeks large

  1. Julie Remberg

    the last weeks before Christopher was born I had one maternity outfit that almost fit. The rest of the time I wore my dad’s pants & shirts! No shoes fit…went in slippers or boots.

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