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For the biggest mother of them all

Last year on Earth Day, I lectured on GMOs, a topic still near and dear to my heart, along with sustainable farming and knowing WTF is in my food. This year, I thought I’d share the 3 websites I rely on most to feel better about the chemicals/mysterious substances I’m bringing into my home or putting into or onto my body.

The Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Database


Find the least chemically-laden Anything-That-Touches-Your-or-Your-Baby’s-Skin. From wipes to sunscreen to shampoo and more, you can find the greenest/safest versions here.

The Environmental Working Group’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning


Clean your home without loads of questionable and potentially harmful ingredients.

Avoid GMO products


This site is a goldmine of information for those wanting to understand what all the fuss is about with GMOs. The link above will take you to a list of foods that do not contain GMOs, but I encourage you to click around and learn the facts behind GMOs.

Most people assume that I’m anti-GMO because I only believe in organic products. And while in some ways that is true, my beliefs about food stem from a passion for sustainable farming, meaning growing food (animals included) in a way that does not rely on or promote the insanely abundant use of chemicals. I think we all know that dumping toxic materials onto our food or into the ground/waters we live and rely on makes little sense. GMOs promote the use of chemicals in a big, big way. Plus, I want to eat food that nature created, not a scientist. All that said, my household and diet is far from being GMO-free, simply because GMOs are in nearly every single food product on the shelf, even meats, dairy and eggs. The only sure way to avoid them is to buy organic or look for items with the nonGMO verified seal.

Happy Earth Day. Hope you find a moment to enjoy the fresh air and give Mother Earth a pat on the back.

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