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Spring Break 2012: We had fun despite the pooping

Ten years ago, when I was a mere 23-years-old, spring break meant the beach with drinks and friends. Now that I’m older, married and have kids, spring break has taken on an entirely new meaning. Because of Joey’s profession – he’s an elementary school principal – spring break does still include some kind of break (though not much of one). We decided to spend one day doing something fun as a family, so we abandoned nap times for the afternoon, loaded the kiddos in the car and drove 45 minutes to downtown Milwaukee to hit up Betty Brinn’s Children Museum.

The first thing we did when we arrived was unleash profanities and get into a fight, because someone (not named Liz) forgot to put the diaper bag in the car. So we were 45 minutes away from home with 1) no diapers or wipes for 2 kids, the littlest of which poops constantly. 2) No back up outfit for The King of Pooping in case his diaper leaked. 3) No bottles 4) No nursing cover to compensate for the fact that there were no bottles.

The next thing that happened? Crosby took a super poop and his diaper leaked. Many expletives. So very many. And another brief spat where I found every possible way to rephrase the question, “How do you forget the diaper bag???” and concluded it with “For the sake of our marriage, we shall never discuss this event again.” So we got back in the car, found the nearest diaper supplier, returned to the museum where I proceeded to wash Crosby’s pants in the bathroom sink and dry them with the hand dryer. So far, this fun family trip totally blew. But we were not to be deterred! The family fun would be ours, damn it! And it was, even though Crosby was in damp pants all day and I had to hide myself in secluded exhibits to nurse him (a nursing mother totally belongs in the back of the chuck wagon in the Pioneers exhibit). If you’re ever in the Milwaukee area, Betty Brinn is an awesome spot for kids, ages 2 and up. Just be sure to remember the DIAPER BAG!

I took this series of pictures at the museum so I could convince Addy that we spent Spring Break 2012 traveling America.

Golfing in Palm Springs, CA

Navigating the seas in Maine

River boatin’ in Louisiana

Her debut bluegrass performance in…Nashville, TN?

Canoeing on especially calm waters in Michigan

Although we didn’t venture far from home this spring break, it was still wonderful to have Joey home a bit more than usual (little known fact about principals – they don’t get any of the breaks that teachers and kids do, so he still works most days during breaks, summer included). Also, we learned to never leave home without triple checking that we truly have everything we need, like the diaper bag and both of the children.

6 thoughts on “Spring Break 2012: We had fun despite the pooping

  1. Tracy-Lynne

    I too have had this experience on library day several months ago-the next day I packed a small emergency bag which always stays in the car although Lane is almost pottied trained now..

    1. Liz Post author

      Yay, it’s not just us who forget the diaper bag! We reacted the exact same way – an emergency stash of diapers and wipes will always live in the car. Great minds think alike!

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