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Everyone Knows the Princess Shoes are the Best

Who could these adorable, sweet little feet – complete with pink nail polish – belong to?


This guy.

I thought it was only appropriate that a sea of women’s lingerie filled the space behind him at Target when I took this picture. Crosby has long admired lovely girl’s shoes – they’re so sparkly and pink and frilly and so unlike his plain ol’ gray or blue velcro boy shoes.

Crosby has been following his big sister’s lead all 2.5 years of his life, and that includes wanting to wear my shoes and jewelry, have his nails painted and try out the pretty shoes at the store. Whatever she does, he wants to do. Addy will be starting kindergarten this year and will be at school all day. I will miss her terribly, as will Crosby…


…but I’m also looking forward to this little boy finding out who he is without her. This will be my first time as a stay-at-home-mom without Addy along for the ride. I guess I’ll be doing some learning, too.

6 thoughts on “Everyone Knows the Princess Shoes are the Best

  1. Uncle Bob

    You might be surprised to learn that when shopping for sneakers/walking/jogging shoes I often wish that men’s shoes came in the same tantalizing colors as those of women. Of course, I also wear pink and purple shirts, use lilac bodywash, and love Broadway musicals. Karen once asked her mom, “How can he not be gay?”

  2. Courtney

    Love everything about this post! Especially love Crosby’s hair and facial expression in that picture–priceless! Calvin is starting to show interest in my nail polish when I polish my toes too–and with no daughter around, I guarantee my boys will have their toes painted at some point too :)

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