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On making decisions

In my last post, my stomach was twisted in knots over the possibility of buying a great house for my family. It was big, needed tons of work and barely fit our budget. We thought and thought, had 2 million conversations about it and searched for every dollar we could get our hands on. Still, determining if we should buy the house seemed like a decision we just couldn’t get clarity on.

I took all of your advice, listening to Uncle Bob and taking time to wait for the answer to land in our laps. I took my father’s words to heart, agreeing that just because we’re equipped to update the house doesn’t mean we should. The solid advice Kelly shared, from her parents, rang in my mind – Live within your means. And then I read the following words from Martha Beck in my latest copy of Oprah magazine:

“When considering whether to say yes or no, you must choose the response that feels like freedom.” 

And the answer became crystal clear. When I thought about saying yes to the house, I felt excited, but also terrified and incredibly anxious. When I thought about saying no to the house, all of that washed away and I felt at ease.

So there was the decision. We said no to the house, and I feel good about it. And so we’re back to the trenches of house hunting. Updates to come. Thanks for helping me navigate through the last potential candidate!


4 thoughts on “On making decisions

  1. Stacy


    I’m glad you didn’t buy the money pit. You don’t need 3,000 square feet. There’s something better around the corner. And I’m glad you’re writing again. Miss your smiling face and great humor.

    1. Liz Post author

      Stacy!!! Hello there and thanks for stopping by. I’m glad we didn’t buy it, too. Way too much for me to keep clean. Besides I’d probably lose a kid in all that space. I miss you!

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