A Constructed Life

I miss…


Impromptu playdates on porches and sidewalks with neighbors that are like family.



The hodgepodge scenery of a neighborhood built around factories and farms.


This big old house that we worked so hard on and housed so many fantastic memories.


Walking in the front door to this.
Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.15.18 PM


Quiet parks surrounded by farm fields.



The five-minute drive to my parents’ farm (via actual car, not battery-powered motorcycle).


Short walks to the nearby “waterfall” (aka dam)…



…and ice cream shop.



Children darting in lush green grass we grew ourselves.


I don’t regret our choice to move. We’ve gained so many great experiences and friends in our new neighborhood. But sometimes I really miss the place I had come to know so well and its conveniences and charms.

2 thoughts on “I miss…

  1. Katie Ennis

    You are always so good at making me cry, we miss you guys so much!! I’m glad you are enjoying your new adventure, but to be blunt things suck without you guys here!! :( Your new friends and neighbors are lucky to have you guy in their lives, because you guys rock!!

  2. Sheryl

    Awww I understand! You will find the perfect place so soon !!! When we move to our new place I’m going to miss the same things about NJ….

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