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A New Year, A New Noise.

Since Adeline’s arrival four years ago, we’ve spent New Year’s Eve in our jammies, surrounded by snacks, bottles (of the adult and infant kind), sippy cups and champagne glasses. This year, our old neighbors, who we miss terribly, spent the evening with us as we drank, munched and rang in the New Year at 9:00 p.m. sharp for the kiddos. It was a blast, and happily, there was not a sippy cup in sight.

Katie and Wayne brought along hats, necklaces and noise makers for Addy, Crosby, and their cutie-patootie daughter, Lydia. I cracked up when I scrolled through photos from the night and realized that as I snapped pictures of the girls, I also captured Crosby’s discovery of the noise makers, which apparently was the greatest moment of his life. Look in the background of each photo to see for yourself. His excitement only breaks briefly for a photo op. (A note to UB and Ky – this is what Grandma’s living room looks like now).







And as is the case with every great New Year’s Eve party, the affair ended in jammies, full bellies, and complete gratitude for the amazing people in our lives.


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