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Making Winter Suck Less

I’m not a huge fan of winter, mostly because of the cold and how it makes everyday tasks completely unappealing because now, a trip to the grocery store involves 15 minutes of squishing children into a zillion layers, forgetting to bundle myself up and then freezing while I stand outside of the car buckling everyone into their designated car seat. Also, shoveling? Meh. Slippery roads? No thanks.

Of course, I enjoy the holidays, snowmen, sled rides and the beauty of freshly fallen snow, and I’ve found a few new wintertimes favorites to add to my list.

Admiring hat hair. Crosby’s is awesome.



Making gingerbread houses (from kits. Thank you, Trader Joe’s)





The kids devoured 50% of the decorations

And making Christmas cookies with these two, who are both now old enough to “help.”


So I guess winter’s not so bad, as long as we’re inside with candy or food. I think that’s the sentiment of many.

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