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Sold! & Movie Premier!

Hi. So, long time no posting. Sorry. Life has been totally insane lately, and I’ve spent the last months feeling overwhelmed, worn out and completely uninspired. Turns out trying to sell our house sucked every last bit of spare time and energy I had.

But the good news – we sold it! After 4 months on the market, 20 showings, a new paint job and lowering the price by $5,000, we found Our People. They’re a young couple, who enclosed a sweet little letter to us with their offer, explaining they loved old homes and want to start their family here. It reminded me of Joey and me, as we wrote an almost identical letter 9 years ago with our offer. We move out in 18 days, and will be moving into my grandmother’s home in a much more urban area, which has been sitting empty since she moved into an assisted living facility.

I’d like to be feeling all nostalgic and sentimental about leaving our house, but frankly, there isn’t time. We sold the house while on vacation in Door County and have been working to clear out 65 years worth of stuff my grandma’s since returning. We haven’t even started packing our own house yet. Not to mention the contractors we’re trying to line up to remove wallpaper, paint and update my grandma’s, as it hasn’t had a facelift in decades.

In other big news, we are sneaking in a brief vacation sans kiddos to New York to go to movie premier. As in I will be walking a red carpet in an outfit I spent the last 2 weeks stressing about and trying to pull together. What movie and how is this possible? We’ll be going to the premier of We’re The Millers, the new Jennifer Aniston film. And it’s made possible by one of Joey’s good friends, who is one of the producers of the movie. I know – CRAZY! But it’s real. At least supposedly. Watch we arrive and our friend just takes us to a seedy theater somewhere and flashes some pics of us with his iphone. Here’s the dress I’m wearing.

It’s from White House Black Market. I’m not the type to splurge on anything, but for this, I am splurging. The dress is moderately priced at $140, but my splurge is heading to Blow to get my hair and makeup done, which will cost just a little less than the dress.

So, I’m super excited, but also freaking out about trying to fit in in an environment that’s insanely far out of my comfort zone (I’m a stay-at-home-mom in a somewhat rural community who primarily only frequents Target and my daughter’s day care.). And when I’m not feeling those emotions, I’m stressing about packing, moving, my daughter starting 4K and more.

But! More than anything, I’ve been feeling grateful and blessed – to have sold our home without taking a total hit in a still recovering economy, to have a familiar and loved place to move into, an amazing family that is helping me with all of this, and the opportunity to have such an unexpected, once-in-a-lifetime experience as going to an actual movie premier.

I will do my best to post pictures when we get back. Especially if I happen to see the Jennifer Aniston while at the premier and the post-premier party (I know! I even get to go to that, too!!!). But, those who know me well can assume that I will be way too nervous and spazey to say much to her besides, “Friends…wow…god…ummm” and be totally hypnotized by all her glittery Hollywoodness. Wish me luck at not being a complete dork!

4 thoughts on “Sold! & Movie Premier!

  1. Julie Remberg

    Congrats guys! Our house sold also! Some things will move out to Christopher’s barn others into Christopher’s old house. Kind of in the same situation. Good luck. Julie

  2. elizabeth

    Congratulations, Liz !! Awesome that you sold the place already – that was FAST! and the dress is gorgeous – you will look amazing! I’m glad to hear that you are hanging in there amidst the craziness — we’re thinking of you and sending love!

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