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A comparison of siblings

I’ve compared Addy and Crosby to each other since the second I found out I was pregnant again. From pregnancy symptoms, weigh gain and discomfort to labor and newborn mannerisms, I can’t help but line it all up in my head and find the differences and similarities between my two children.

We all know the obvious – Crosby was 2 lbs bigger than Addy, which in turn, meant I gained a bit more and waddled around grimacing for months thanks to a super-sized belly.

Me, shortly before delivering Adeline, my first.
Me, shortly before delivering Crosby. P.S. This also means it’s going to take several million sit ups to get my stomach even close to where it used to be.


Me, in the hospital, in between contractions with Addy.

Ditto, with Crosby.


Proud and bewildered new parents, Round One.

Ditto, Round Two. My hair in each photo clearly conveys “I was just writhing in pain moments before this photo was taken.”


Daddy bonding with his sweet Baby Girl.

Daddy soaking in the grandness of his big Baby Boy.


Addy, sound asleep in her bouncy chair.

Crosby, doing the same in the exact same chair.Everything pink swapped out for everything blue.

To me, you can tell they’re brother and sister in these photos. Crosby and Addy look like the same baby from the eyes on up. Their biggest differences? Addy has big full lips while Crosby inherited the pencil thin version that runs rampant in our families. Also, Addy has her Daddy’s cleft chin while Crosby got my pointy chin, which is made more distinct by his ample cheeks. Also, where Addy was delicate and dainty, Crosby is solid and rotund.


Posing our girl for a quick photo.

Our boy. Same set up.

While there are so many similarities between my kids, I have a sense that Crosby will be a tad more mellow and easy going than Addy, who is a high spirited child. Because Crosby is likely our last baby, I’m making a point to soak in every second of his babyhood. At the same time, I cannot wait to watch these two amazing beings evolve and continue to show me all that makes them unique individuals along with the characteristics they are sure to share. Tops on the list of similarities: Getting big too fast, love, love and more love and amazement that Joey and I created them.

2 thoughts on “A comparison of siblings

  1. Jinny

    Liz you are a phenomenal woman and a person I can only thank God I have for a daughter-in-law. You are intelligent, sensitive (like me and sometimes for Joey you and I are too much so – ha ha), beautiful and every day I am thankful we have you in our family. You are doing awesome and will do so. Kids are a challenge, but never forget we are a phone call away to help you in any way we can. We obviously miss Addy terribly, but realize she is yours and Joey’s (darnit) and never fear you and Joey are doing a great job even when the tantrums come up. I could not have asked for a more wonderful person to be added into our little tiny family and we love you dearly.

  2. elizabeth

    aww! what a great blog entry! i love to see the pic comparisons! you are such a great mama! i would love to get together sometime with our kiddos…i agree, my second is going to be a little more chill, i suspect…thank god, because kieran has definitely ramped it up lately to show me his “2”-ness! :)

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