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I got pantsed by a baby

My baby girl, who turns 8-months-old tomorrow, has become a skilled crawler in the last few weeks. She is also astute at grabbing on to things and pulling herself up to a standing position.
For example…

Notice how I mutter, “That seems dangerous” when Adeline crawls to the stairs. Also notice that I do nothing about the impending danger. And finally, notice that she slips down the stairs but is too excited about them to cry.
So back to the pantsing…I’m in the kitchen doing the dishes and see my darling girl crawl toward me, followed by her father. We start chatting as I scrub and just as I’m elbow-deep in soap and gross food chunks, I feel a gentle tug on the leg of my pajama pants. I look down and it’s Addy, smiling up at me as she uses my pants to pull herself up. My pants go from my waist to my ankles in a split second and not only does my baby land with a thud on her butt, but she also gets caught in my pants. Poor kid. Joey, of course, laughs hysterically as I struggle to clean my hands of soap and crap before untangling my baby from my pants. Which are on the ground.
And in that moment, the message of American Idol’s Larry Platt became profound and meaningful. Indeed, I was lookin’ like a fool.

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