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Plywood VS. Granite Countertops

In today’s world of kitchen remodeling, there are numerous options when it comes to countertops. From concrete, to laminate, to granite, the choices are endless. When remodeling our kitchen, Joey and I decided to go a different route and experiment with plywood. Its natural look and economical price really appealed to us.

Plus, I could write on it when I needed a place to jot down important notes.

And if we ever got sick of having a countertop, we could easily pop it off and carry it to the garage for safe keeping.

Hey, guess what? I’m just kidding. Sort of. We did have plywood countertops for about 2 months while we waited to order our real counters and have them installed.

Well, they were installed about 7 weeks ago. I’ve just been super slow about getting around to posting pictures of them because my camera is too busy snapping photos of this gal.

Yes, she’s sleeping with her butt in the air and that’s because she is professionally employed at being insanely adorable 24 hours a day.

Anyways, after living with plywood countertops, which absorb anything that drips on them, we decided granite was a better option.

We picked a color that was on sale at Le Home Depot (Summer Sage) and are very happy with it.

Notice the clutter in the above photo. I could’ve straightened things up before taking a picture of my kitchen, but I decided to keep it real, a.k.a I was too lazy to do it. That is exactly what my kitchen looks like at this very moment, except I’ve since eaten more of the candy (it’s totally for the trick or treaters) out of the bowl on the island.

P.S. The kitchen still isn’t quite finished yet. We need to install the a few cabinet doors, trim and toe kicks, as well as the under cabinet lightening. We’ll get to it as soon as our baby stops being so cute and allows us to actually look at something else.

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8 thoughts on “Plywood VS. Granite Countertops

  1. Fred @ OPC

    Even though it isn't finished, it's looking great! We're casually looking into countertops for an upcoming kitchen remodel (probably at least 18 months out). We hadn't considered plywood :-)

  2. NV

    Wow — it is looking great! And I'm SO jealous. We're keeping our neutral laminate (opted to devote bulk of budget to the appliances, a decision I've not regretted thus far) so I covet your countertops!

    And that baby … well, I have to say she doesn't show any sign of lacking adorability any time soon. :-)

  3. 1800

    Liz your kitchen has a spectacular look to say in real. I am in process of home improvement in my kitchen. I have a plan to get new ceiling in my kitchen and get some new cabinets to be fitted under the stove. I will take your kitchen has model to design and give a layout in my new kitchen.

  4. Anonymous

    I wonder if simply finishing the plywood (Birch or Doug Fir?) on its own would be an attractive & affordable option?


  5. Alex

    The kitchen is a place to make much mess, I think the best solution granite. Ok, it’s a cold material, but it is very easy to maintain clean!

  6. Magda

    From my experience, I think if you want like a mrdoen look with a touch of traditional you should do the following I think that you should get rid of the idea of using any type of moldings, ex: door moldings, corner moldings, etc. The only molding you should use is the crown mold and the bottom edge piece that goes across the wall cabinets. The crown molding should be like a standard one, not a fancy one. If you have high enough ceilings and your cabs are tall, a 4 1/4 would be suitable.There is ways of incorporating traditional touches to mrdoen kitchens you just have to be careful and creative. For example, the crown is traditional, then your doors should only have like 1/8 revile and no molding or router edges (moedrn look), then the bottom you might get creative and get your cabinet maker to make you a fancy traditional piece of wood going across the bottom edge of your upper wall cabinets.The same for the base cabinets, 1/8 revile all around, plain doors and drawer fronts, with a traditional bottom piece going across. You might want maybe make it look like a piece of furniture by putting that traditional bottom piece and some legs. He is probably going to have to give it a bit of a higher toe kick so it could rely get that furniture piece look. Well hope you are able to picture my explanation Best of luck!

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